to Play Texas Hold'em Poker

Basic Rules on How to Play Texas Hold’em

Publish date: April 22, 2020

You must know that entering an online competition is basically a game of numbers. As long as you answer the question right, you stand an equal chance of winning the price as any other contestant. Even if the competition has a very small winning price, it does not stop the people for participating in it, so you must know how you can make your entry count. Here are the key habits of all the online competition professionals.

You must make a habit of checking your emails regularly. It is not as simple as it sounds. It can mean that you will have to check your mail maybe twice or thrice a day. Many people neglect to check their emails, especially if they do not win in the first chance. The organizers of these competitions email the winner first, but in case they do not get a reply from the winner within a certain time, they select another winner. If you have a free account, then do not forget to delete your old mails and trash. Be sure that you enter your details correctly, and do not forget to enter all the needed data. This a common error made by people.

Remember the closing dates for the competition. Many times the entry form remains online even as the competition is closed. So you must keep track of the dates for the last submission of forms. To have a reasonable chance of winning, you must make a lot of entries. But do not create duplicate entries as the software deletes them. Then check your competition mailing account that they will set for you and then wait for prizes to start rolling in. You can enjoy automatic entries in more than 2000 competitions throughout the year.

You must make specific considerations when you play a loose aggressive Texas Hold’em Poker game. How much money is there in front of you? How big are the blinds? How much money is there with your opponents? At what position are you? You need to make some adjustments to play this game.

You must be very selective about the hands you play before the flop. This is because, in an aggressive game, players tend to raise many hands before the flop, but you cannot afford to do the same if you have weak hands that, too, if you are in an early stage. You should play more aggressively with your hands in the game before the flop. To push out other players with marginal hands, you must play aggressively with your strong hands. You should also make raises to protect your hands.

In some cases, you may win the pot without even seeing the flop. While deciding if you should call a raise or not, use the ten percent rule. If a player does not have 10 times the amount of chips behind him as the raise he is facing, he should fold suited connectors and low pairs. Such are the hands that can convert to great winning hands in one in seven to one in ten times. If any of such hands turn into a big hand like flopping a set or straight, then you must have enough money to get paid off.


By making such adjustments in your game, you can increase your chances of a win while playing an aggressive game of Texas Hold’em Poker. It is very important to play the game cautiously. Some times playing with over aggressiveness can also turn a winning game into a losing one. One should think about all the possible outcomes beforehand before he rolls the dice.

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